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RMT Portal is a joint development effort between Intagras, Inc. and Pharmiceutics, LLC.

RMT Portal


RMT Portal is a web-based application that provides pharmaceutical companies with tracking, reporting, and data entry for requests to initiate decision making on potential labeling changes. RMT Portal can support company headquarters and unlimited country locations, process steps, and users. The application supports both core and local labeling requests. RMT Portal can be customized to interface with other systems to limit redundant data entry.

Process Completion

All requests are tracked through completion. Requests can be merged or split based on individual project needs. RMT Portal will help to prevent any request from “slipping through the cracks”. The application will ensure that all labeling modification requests are evaluated and properly completed.

Operational Flexibility

Provides each pharmaceutical company with the operational flexibility needed for labeling request management and decision making outside the traditional GMP environment. The application is adaptable to existing internal standard operating procedures.

All Organizational Settings

RMT Portal is designed for organizations of any size. It provides tremendous value to companies that have dedicated labeling departments as well as to organizations without a central labeling group.
RMT Portal integrates seamlessly with the GDT Portal tracking software.


RMT Portal can be configured to provide alerts to the appropriate user, based on their role.

Audit Trail

All modifications are captured by user name and date. Additionally, RMT Portal captures content values before and after an update.

Multiple Delivery Models

RMT Portal can be hosted internally by your organization or companies can subscribe to the hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. The SaaS model provides immediate global access with no software to purchase or install.


RMT Portal provides multiple preconfigured reports that detail decision status, country progress, product status, and delayed decisions.


Web Application

  • Central Management of Update Requests
  • Global Access
  • Application Integration
  • Origin identification
  • Full Life-Cycle Management

Request Management

  • Spliting and Joining of Requests
  • SOP Enforcement

Risk Mitigation

  • Field level audit trail functionality
  • Configurable timeline and performance measurements
  • Policy and timeline enforcement


  • Automated e-mail task notification
  • e-mail alerts for past due items


  • User management
  • e-mail notification management
  • Role based access and security
  • Product management


  • Dashboard
  • Current Status
  • Overdue Decisions
  • Average Days
  • Tracking Number